U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 930.129 - Dismissal, remand, stay, and procedural override.

(a) The Secretary may dismiss an appeal for good cause. A dismissal is the final agency action. Good cause shall include, but is not limited to:

(1) Failure of the appellant to submit a notice of appeal within the required 30-day period.

(2) Failure of the appellant to submit a brief or supporting materials within the required period;

(3) Failure of the appellant to pay a required fee;

(4) Denial by the Federal agency of the federal license, permit or assistance application; or

(5) Failure of the appellant to base the appeal on grounds that the proposed activity is either consistent with the objectives or purposes of the Act, or necessary in the interest of national security.

(b) If the State agency's consistency objection is not in compliance with section 307 of the Act and the regulations contained in subparts D, E, F, or I of this part, the Secretary shall override the State's objection. The Secretary may make this determination as a threshold matter.

(c) The Secretary may stay the processing of an appeal in accordance with § 930.130.

(d) The Secretary may remand an appeal to the State agency for reconsideration of the project's consistency with the enforceable policies of the State's management program if significant new information relevant to the State agency's objection, not previously provided to the State agency during its consistency review, is submitted to the Secretary. The Secretary shall determine a time period for the remand to the State agency. The time period for remand must be completed within the period described in § 930.130 for the development of the Secretary's decision record. If the State agency responds that it still objects to the activity, then the Secretary shall continue to process the appeal. If the State agency concurs that the activity is consistent with the enforceable policies of the State's management program, then the Secretary shall declare the appeal moot and notify the Federal agency that the activity may be federally approved.

[65 FR 77154, Dec. 8, 2000, as amended at 71 FR 831, Jan. 5, 2006]