U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 385.207 - Petitions (Rule 207).

(a) General rule. A person must file a petition when seeking:

(1) Relief under subpart I, J, or K of this part;

(2) A declaratory order or rule to terminate a controversy or remove uncertainty;

(3) Action on appeal from a staff action, other than a decision or ruling of a presiding officer, under Rule 1902;

(4) A rule of general applicability; or

(5) Any other action which is in the discretion of the Commission and for which this chapter prescribes no other form of pleading.

(b) Declarations of intent under the Federal Power Act. For purposes of this part, a declaration of intent under section 23(b) of the Federal Power Act is treated as a petition for a declaratory order.

(c) Except as provided in § 381.302(b), each petition for issuance of a declaratory order must be accompanied by the fee prescribed in § 381.302(a).

[Order 225, 47 FR 19022, May 3, 1982, as amended by Order 395, 49 FR 35357, Sept. 7, 1984]