U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4.105 - Action on exemption applications.

(a) Exemption from provisions other than licensing. An application for exemption of a small hydroelectric power project from provisions of Part I of the Act other than the licensing requirement will be processed and considered as part of the related application for license or amendment of license.

(b)(1) Consultation. The Commission will circulate a notice of application for exemption from licensing to interested agencies and Indian tribes at the time the applicant is notified that the application is accepted for filing.

(2) Non-standard terms and conditions. In approving any application for exemption from licensing, the Commission may prescribe terms or conditions in addition to those set forth in § 4.106 in order to:

(i) Protect the quality or quantity of the related water supply;

(ii) Otherwise protect life, health, or property;

(iii) Avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impact; or

(iv) Better conserve, develop, or utilize in the public interest the water resources of the region.

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