U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 180.100 - How are subparts A through I organized?

(a) Each subpart contains information related to a broad topic or specific audience with special responsibilities, as shown in the following table:

In subpart . . . You will find provisions related to . . .
Ageneral information about Subparts A through I of this part.
Bthe types of transactions that are covered by the Governmentwide nonprocurement suspension and debarment system.
Cthe responsibilities of persons who participate in covered transactions.
Dthe responsibilities of Federal agency officials who are authorized to enter into covered transactions.
Ethe responsibilities of Federal agencies for entering information into SAM Exclusions
Fthe general principles governing suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion and settlement.
Gsuspension actions.
Hdebarment actions.
Idefinitions of terms used in this part.

(b) The following table shows which subparts may be of special interest to you, depending on who you are:

If you are . . . See Subpart(s) . . .
(1) a participant or principal in a nonprocurement transactionA, B, C and I.
(2) a respondent in a suspension actionA, B, F, G and I.
(3) a respondent in a debarment actionA, B, F, H and I.
(4) a suspending officialA, B, E, F, G and I.
(5) a debarring officialA, B, D, F, H and I.
(6) an Federal agency official authorized to enter into a covered transactionA, B, D, E and I.