U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 25, 2023

§ 200.203 - Requirement to provide public notice of Federal financial assistance programs.

(a) The Federal awarding agency must notify the public of Federal programs in the Federal Assistance Listings maintained by the General Services Administration (GSA).

(1) The Federal Assistance Listings is the single, authoritative, governmentwide comprehensive source of Federal financial assistance program information produced by the executive branch of the Federal Government.

(2) The information that the Federal awarding agency must submit to GSA for approval by OMB is listed in paragraph (b) of this section. GSA must prescribe the format for the submission in coordination with OMB.

(3) The Federal awarding agency may not award Federal financial assistance without assigning it to a program that has been included in the Federal Assistance Listings as required in this section unless there are exigent circumstances requiring otherwise, such as timing requirements imposed by statute.

(b) For each program that awards discretionary Federal awards, non-discretionary Federal awards, loans, insurance, or any other type of Federal financial assistance, the Federal awarding agency must, to the extent practicable, create, update, and manage Assistance Listings entries based on the authorizing statute for the program and comply with additional guidance provided by GSA in consultation with OMB to ensure consistent, accurate information is available to prospective applicants. Accordingly, Federal awarding agencies must submit the following information to GSA:

(1) Program Description, Purpose, Goals, and Measurement. A brief summary of the statutory or regulatory requirements of the program and its intended outcome. Where appropriate, the Program Description, Purpose, Goals, and Measurement should align with the strategic goals and objectives within the Federal awarding agency's performance plan and should support the Federal awarding agency's performance measurement, management, and reporting as required by Part 6 of OMB Circular A-11;

(2) Identification. Identification of whether the program makes Federal awards on a discretionary basis or the Federal awards are prescribed by Federal statute, such as in the case of formula grants.

(3) Projected total amount of funds available for the program. Estimates based on previous year funding are acceptable if current appropriations are not available at the time of the submission;

(4) Anticipated source of available funds. The statutory authority for funding the program and, to the extent possible, agency, sub-agency, or, if known, the specific program unit that will issue the Federal awards, and associated funding identifier (e.g., Treasury Account Symbol(s));

(5) General eligibility requirements. The statutory, regulatory or other eligibility factors or considerations that determine the applicant's qualification for Federal awards under the program (e.g., type of non-Federal entity); and

(6) Applicability of Single Audit Requirements. Applicability of Single Audit Requirements as required by subpart F of this part.