U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 30, 2023

§ 200.211 - Information contained in a Federal award.

A Federal award must include the following information:

(a) Federal award performance goals. Performance goals, indicators, targets, and baseline data must be included in the Federal award, where applicable. The Federal awarding agency must also specify how performance will be assessed in the terms and conditions of the Federal award, including the timing and scope of expected performance. See §§ 200.202 and 200.301 for more information on Federal award performance goals.

(b) General Federal award information. The Federal awarding agency must include the following general Federal award information in each Federal award:

(1) Recipient name (which must match the name associated with its unique entity identifier as defined at 2 CFR 25.315);

(2) Recipient's unique entity identifier;

(3) Unique Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN);

(4) Federal Award Date (see Federal award date in § 200.201);

(5) Period of Performance Start and End Date;

(6) Budget Period Start and End Date;

(7) Amount of Federal Funds Obligated by this action;

(8) Total Amount of Federal Funds Obligated;

(9) Total Approved Cost Sharing or Matching, where applicable;

(10) Total Amount of the Federal Award including approved Cost Sharing or Matching;

(11) Budget Approved by the Federal Awarding Agency;

(11) Federal award description, (to comply with statutory requirements (e.g., FFATA));

(12) Name of Federal awarding agency and contact information for awarding official,

(13) Assistance Listings Number and Title;

(14) Identification of whether the award is R&D; and

(15) Indirect cost rate for the Federal award (including if the de minimis rate is charged per § 200.414).

(c) General terms and conditions. (1) Federal awarding agencies must incorporate the following general terms and conditions either in the Federal award or by reference, as applicable:

(i) Administrative requirements. Administrative requirements implemented by the Federal awarding agency as specified in this part.

(ii) National policy requirements. These include statutory, executive order, other Presidential directive, or regulatory requirements that apply by specific reference and are not program-specific. See § 200.300 Statutory and national policy requirements.

(iii) Recipient integrity and performance matters. If the total Federal share of the Federal award may include more than $500,000 over the period of performance, the Federal awarding agency must include the term and condition available in appendix XII of this part. See also § 200.113.

(iv) Future budget periods. If it is anticipated that the period of performance will include multiple budget periods, the Federal awarding agency must indicate that subsequent budget periods are subject to the availability of funds, program authority, satisfactory performance, and compliance with the terms and conditions of the Federal award.

(v) Termination provisions. Federal awarding agencies must make recipients aware, in a clear and unambiguous manner, of the termination provisions in § 200.340, including the applicable termination provisions in the Federal awarding agency's regulations or in each Federal award.

(2) The Federal award must incorporate, by reference, all general terms and conditions of the award, which must be maintained on the agency's website.

(3) If a non-Federal entity requests a copy of the full text of the general terms and conditions, the Federal awarding agency must provide it.

(4) Wherever the general terms and conditions are publicly available, the Federal awarding agency must maintain an archive of previous versions of the general terms and conditions, with effective dates, for use by the non-Federal entity, auditors, or others.

(d) Federal awarding agency, program, or Federal award specific terms and conditions. The Federal awarding agency must include with each Federal award any terms and conditions necessary to communicate requirements that are in addition to the requirements outlined in the Federal awarding agency's general terms and conditions. See also § 200.208. Whenever practicable, these specific terms and conditions also should be shared on the agency's website and in notices of funding opportunities (as outlined in § 200.204) in addition to being included in a Federal award. See also § 200.207.

(e) Federal awarding agency requirements. Any other information required by the Federal awarding agency.