U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 23, 2024

§ 58.43 - Dissemination and/or publication of the findings of no significant impact.

(a) If the responsible entity makes a finding of no significant impact, it must prepare a FONSI notice, using the current HUD-recommended format or an equivalent format. As a minimum, the responsible entity must send the FONSI notice to individuals and groups known to be interested in the activities, to the local news media, to the appropriate Tribal, Federal, State, and local agencies to the Regional Offices of the Environmental Protection Agency having jurisdiction and to the HUD Field Office (or the State where applicable). The responsible entity may also publish the FONSI notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the affected community or on an appropriate Government website that is accessible to individuals with disabilities and provides meaningful access for individuals with Limited English Proficiency. If the notice is not published, it must also be prominently displayed in public buildings, such as the local Post Office and within the project area or in accordance with procedures established as part of the citizen participation process.

(b) The responsible entity may disseminate or publish a FONSI notice at the same time it disseminates or publishes the NOI/RROF required by § 58.70. If the notices are released as a combined notice, the combined notice shall:

(1) Clearly indicate that it is intended to meet two separate procedural requirements; and

(2) Advise the public to specify in their comments which “notice” their comments address.

(c) The responsible entity must consider the comments and make modifications, if appropriate, in response to the comments, before it completes its environmental certification and before the recipient submits its RROF. If funds will be used in Presidentially declared disaster areas, modifications resulting from public comment, if appropriate, must be made before proceeding with the expenditure of funds.

[61 FR 19122, Apr. 30, 1996, as amended at 89 FR 30913, Apr. 23, 2024]