U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 02, 2023

§ 92.454 - Reallocations by formula.

(a) HUD will reallocate under this section:

(1) Any HOME funds remaining available for reallocation after HUD has made competitive reallocations under § 92.451 and § 92.452;

(2) Any HOME funds available for reallocation because HUD reduced or recaptured funds from participating jurisdiction under § 92.500(d) for failure to commit the funds within the time specified;

(3) Any HOME funds withdrawn by HUD from a participating jurisdiction under 24 CFR 91.520(f) for failure to submit in a timely manner a performance report required by 24 CFR 91.520 that is satisfactory to HUD; and

(4) Any HOME funds remitted to HUD under § 92.503(b) when a jurisdiction ceases to be a participating jurisdiction.

(b) Any reallocation of funds from a State must be made only among all participating States, and any reallocation of funds from units of general local government must be made only among all participating units of general local government, except those participating jurisdictions that HUD has removed from participating in reallocations under § 92.552.

(c) A local participating jurisdiction's share of a reallocation is calculated by multiplying the amount available for reallocation to units of general local government by a factor that is that ratio of the participating jurisdiction's formula allocation provided under § 92.50 to the total of the formula allocations provided for all local participating jurisdictions sharing in the reallocation. A State participating jurisdiction's share is comparably determined using the amount available for reallocation to States.

(d) HUD will make reallocations under this section quarterly, unless the amount available for such reallocation is insufficient to warrant making a reallocation. In any event, HUD will make a reallocation under this section at least once a year. The minimum amount of a reallocation is $1000.