U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 10, 2022

§ 3.6 - Payroll deductions permissible with the approval of the Secretary of Labor.

Any contractor or subcontractor may apply to the Secretary of Labor for permission to make any deduction not permitted under § 3.5. The Secretary may grant permission whenever he finds that:

(a) The contractor, subcontractor, or any affiliated person does not make a profit or benefit directly or indirectly from the deduction either in the form of a commission, dividend, or otherwise;

(b) The deduction is not otherwise prohibited by law;

(c) The deduction is either (1) voluntarily consented to by the employee in writing and in advance of the period in which the work is to be done and such consent is not a condition either for the obtaining of employment or its continuance, or (2) provided for in a bona fide collective bargaining agreement between the contractor or subcontractor and representatives of its employees; and

(d) The deduction serves the convenience and interest of the employee.