U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 06, 2022

§ 4233.4 - Information to be filed.

(a) General. An application for partition must include the information specified in § 4233.5 (plan information), § 4233.6 (partition information), § 4233.7 (actuarial and financial information), § 4233.8 (participant census data), and § 4233.9 (financial assistance information). If any of the information is not included, the application may not be considered complete.

(b) Additional information. (1) PBGC may require a plan sponsor to submit additional information necessary to make a determination on an application under this part and any information PBGC may need to calculate or verify the amount of financial assistance necessary for a partition. Any additional information must be submitted by the date specified in PBGC's request.

(2) PBGC may suspend the running of the 270-day review period (described in § 4233.10) pending the submission of any additional information requested by PBGC, or upon the issuance of a conditional determination under § 4233.12(c).

(c) Duty to amend and supplement application. During any time in which an application is pending final action by PBGC, the plan sponsor must promptly notify PBGC in writing of any material fact or representation contained in or relating to the application, or in any supporting documents, that is no longer accurate, or any material fact or representation omitted from the application or supporting documents, that the plan sponsor discovers.

[80 FR 35229, June 19, 2015, as amended at 80 FR 79694, Dec. 23, 2015]