U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 575.8 - Secretary's conditions for employment under the waiver.

The Secretary prescribes the following terms and conditions for the protection of minors employed pursuant to a waiver granted under section 13(c)(4) of the Act:

(a) An employer or group of employers granted such a waiver shall obtain and keep on file a signed statement of the parent or person standing in the place of the parent of each 10 and 11-year old minor employed consenting to the employment of such minor under the waiver.

(b) Any employment pursuant to a waiver shall be in compliance with applicable Federal and State laws, and any regulations issued under them.

(c) No employer or group of employers shall employ any 10 or 11 year old minor pursuant to a waiver for more than 5 hours in any one day or for more than 30 hours in any workweek with a meal break of at least 30 minutes and two rest breaks of at least 15 minutes each.

(d) An employer or group of employers granted such a waiver shall provide immediately adjacent to the field(s) to be hand harvested: (1) Adequate sanitary facilities, such as portable toilets; (2) adequate and clean drinking water in covered containers with spouts, and an adequate supply of paper or plastic cups for individual drinking use; and (3) a specified adult employee, who is appropriately equipped and is knowledgeable about first-aid treatment and readily available to give such treatment when needed.

(e) An employer or group of employers granted such a waiver shall provide emergency transportation either to the minor's permanent residence or to the nearest hospital for any 10 or 11 year old hand harvester who becomes ill or is injured during the normal hours of employment.

(f) No 10 or 11 year old employed under a waiver shall ride upon or be employed in the operation of or in the close proximity to any power driven machinery or equipment. Generally, a distance of fifty feet or more will be construed to meet the requirement that employment not be in “close proximity” to machinery or equipment.

(g) An employer or group of employers granted such a waiver who owns, operates, or causes to be operated any vehicle for the transportation of such minors shall be responsible for assuring that:

(1) Every such vehicle is in compliance with all applicable Federal and State safety and health standards and with the rules and regulations issued by the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety, Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation;

(2) Every such vehicle be designed for transporting passengers and be operated by a lawfully licensed driver; and

(3) A vehicle liability insurance policy provides insurance in an amount not less than the amounts applicable to vehicles used in the transportation of passengers under the Interstate Commerce Act and its regulations. These amounts currently are as follows:

Insurance Required for Passenger Equipment

12 or less passengers More than 12 passengers
Limit for bodily injuries to or death of 1 person$100,000$100,000
Limit for bodily injuries to or death of all persons injured or killed in any 1 accident (subject to a maximum of $100,000 for bodily injuries to or death of 1 person)300,000500,000
Limit for loss or damage in any 1 accident to property of others (excluding cargo)50,00050,000

(h) A copy of the waiver shall be posted or readily available at the site or sites of such employment of such minors during the entire period.

(i) The employer or group of employers shall maintain and preserve a record of the name, address, and occupation of each minor employed under the waiver in accordance with § 516.33(b) of this chapter. In addition, the record shall also include the date of birth, the name and address of the school in which the minor is enrolled, and the number of hours worked each day and each week of the designated period. Each employer required to maintain records under this part shall preserve them for a period of at least 2 years.

(j) A waiver shall be effective for the period designated therein with no provision for amendment

[43 FR 26562, June 21, 1978; 43 FR 28471, June 30, 1978]