U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1065.101 - Overview.

(a) This subpart specifies equipment, other than measurement instruments, related to emission testing. The provisions of this subpart apply for all engine dynamometer testing where engine speeds and loads are controlled to follow a prescribed duty cycle. See subpart J of this part to determine which of the provisions of this subpart apply for field testing. This equipment includes three broad categories-dynamometers, engine fluid systems (such as fuel and intake-air systems), and emission-sampling hardware.

(b) Other related subparts in this part identify measurement instruments (subpart C), describe how to evaluate the performance of these instruments (subpart D), and specify engine fluids and analytical gases (subpart H).

(c) Subpart J of this part describes additional equipment that is specific to field testing.

(d) Figures 1 and 2 of this section illustrate some of the possible configurations of laboratory equipment. These figures are schematics only; we do not require exact conformance to them. Figure 1 of this section illustrates the equipment specified in this subpart and gives some references to sections in this subpart. Figure 2 of this section illustrates some of the possible configurations of a full-flow dilution, constant-volume sampling (CVS) system. Not all possible CVS configurations are shown.

(e) Dynamometer testing involves engine operation over speeds and loads that are controlled to a prescribed duty cycle. Field testing involves measuring emissions over normal in-use operation of a vehicle or piece of equipment. Field testing does not involve operating an engine over a prescribed duty cycle.

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