U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1065.269 - Photoacoustic analyzer for ethanol and methanol.

(a) Application. You may use a photoacoustic analyzer to measure ethanol and/or methanol concentrations in diluted exhaust for batch sampling.

(b) Component requirements. We recommend that you use a photoacoustic analyzer that meets the specifications in Table 1 of § 1065.205. Note that your photoacoustic system must meet the verification in § 1065.369 and it must also meet the linearity verification in § 1065.307. Use an optical wheel configuration that gives analytical priority to measurement of the least stable components in the sample. Select a sample integration time of at least 5 seconds. Take into account sample chamber and sample line volumes when determining flush times for your instrument.

[79 FR 23761, Apr. 28, 2014]