U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1065.295 - PM inertial balance for field-testing analysis.

(a) Application. You may use an inertial balance to quantify net PM on a sample medium for field testing.

(b) Component requirements. We recommend that you use a balance that meets the specifications in Table 1 of § 1065.205. Note that your balance-based system must meet the linearity verification in § 1065.307. If the balance uses an internal calibration process for routine spanning and linearity verifications, the process must be NIST-traceable.

(c) Loss correction. You may use PM loss corrections to account for PM loss in the inertial balance, including the sample handling system.

(d) Deposition. You may use electrostatic deposition to collect PM as long as its collection efficiency is at least 95%.

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