U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1065.595 - PM sample post-conditioning and total weighing.

After testing is complete, return the sample media (e.g., filters) to the weighing and PM-stabilization environments.

(a) Make sure the weighing and PM-stabilization environments meet the ambient condition specifications in § 1065.190(e)(1). If those specifications are not met, leave the test sample media (e.g., filters) covered until proper conditions have been met.

(b) In the PM-stabilization environment, remove PM samples from sealed containers. If you use filters, you may remove them from their cassettes before or after stabilization. We recommend always removing the top portion of the cassette before stabilization. When you remove a filter from a cassette, separate the top half of the cassette from the bottom half using a cassette separator designed for this purpose.

(c) To handle PM samples, use electrically grounded tweezers or a grounding strap, as described in § 1065.190.

(d) Visually inspect the sampling media (e.g., filters) and collected particulate. If either the sample media (e.g., filters) or particulate sample appear to have been compromised, or the particulate matter contacts any surface other than the filter, the sample may not be used to determine particulate emissions. In the case of contact with another surface, clean the affected surface before continuing.

(e) To stabilize PM samples, place them in one or more containers that are open to the PM-stabilization environment, as described in § 1065.190. If you expect that a sample medium's (e.g., filter's) total surface concentration of PM will be less than 400 µg, assuming a 38 mm diameter filter stain area, expose the filter to a PM-stabilization environment meeting the specifications of § 1065.190 for at least 30 minutes before weighing. If you expect a higher PM concentration or do not know what PM concentration to expect, expose the filter to the stabilization environment for at least 60 minutes before weighing. Note that 400 µg on sample media (e.g., filters) is an approximate net mass of 0.07 g/kW · hr for a hot-start test with compression-ignition engines tested according to 40 CFR part 86, subpart N, or 50 mg/mile for light-duty vehicles tested according to 40 CFR part 86, subpart B.

(f) Repeat the procedures in § 1065.590(f) through (i) to determine post-test mass of the sample media (e.g., filters).

(g) Subtract each buoyancy-corrected tare mass of the sample medium (e.g., filter) from its respective buoyancy-corrected mass. The result is the net PM mass, mPM. Use mPM in emission calculations in § 1065.650.

[73 FR 37323, June 30, 2008]