U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1065.901 - Applicability.

(a) Field testing. This subpart specifies procedures for field-testing engines to determine brake-specific emissions and mass rate emissions using portable emission measurement systems (PEMS). These procedures are designed primarily for in-field measurements of engines that remain installed in vehicles or equipment the field. Field-test procedures apply to your engines only as specified in the standard-setting part.

(b) Laboratory testing. You may use PEMS for any testing in a laboratory or similar environment without restriction or prior approval if the PEMS meets all applicable specifications for laboratory testing. You may also use PEMS for any testing in a laboratory or similar environment if we approve it in advance, subject to the following provisions:

(1) Follow the laboratory test procedures specified in this part 1065, according to § 1065.905(e).

(2) Do not apply any PEMS-related field-testing adjustments or measurement allowances to laboratory emission results or standards.

(3) Do not use PEMS for laboratory measurements if it prevents you from demonstrating compliance with the applicable standards in this chapter. Some of the PEMS requirements in this part 1065 are less stringent than the corresponding laboratory requirements. Depending on actual PEMS performance, you might therefore need to account for some additional measurement uncertainty when using PEMS for laboratory testing. If we ask, you must show us by engineering analysis that any additional measurement uncertainty due to your use of PEMS for laboratory testing is offset by the extent to which your engine's emissions are below the applicable standards in this chapter. For example, you might show that PEMS versus laboratory uncertainty represents 5% of the standard, but your engine's deteriorated emissions are at least 20% below the standard for each pollutant.

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