U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 23, 2024

§ 112.4 - Amendment of Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan by Regional Administrator.

If you are the owner or operator of a facility subject to this part, you must:

(a) Notwithstanding compliance with § 112.3, whenever your facility has discharged more than 1,000 U.S. gallons of oil in a single discharge as described in § 112.1(b), or discharged more than 42 U.S. gallons of oil in each of two discharges as described in § 112.1(b), occurring within any twelve month period, submit the following information to the Regional Administrator within 60 days from the time the facility becomes subject to this section:

(1) Name of the facility;

(2) Your name;

(3) Location of the facility;

(4) Maximum storage or handling capacity of the facility and normal daily throughput;

(5) Corrective action and countermeasures you have taken, including a description of equipment repairs and replacements;

(6) An adequate description of the facility, including maps, flow diagrams, and topographical maps, as necessary;

(7) The cause of such discharge as described in § 112.1(b), including a failure analysis of the system or subsystem in which the failure occurred;

(8) Additional preventive measures you have taken or contemplated to minimize the possibility of recurrence; and

(9) Such other information as the Regional Administrator may reasonably require pertinent to the Plan or discharge.

(b) Take no action under this section until it applies to your facility. This section does not apply until the expiration of the time permitted for the initial preparation and implementation of the Plan under § 112.3, but not including any amendments to the Plan.

(c) Send to the appropriate agency or agencies in charge of oil pollution control activities in the State in which the facility is located a complete copy of all information you provided to the Regional Administrator under paragraph (a) of this section. Upon receipt of the information such State agency or agencies may conduct a review and make recommendations to the Regional Administrator as to further procedures, methods, equipment, and other requirements necessary to prevent and to contain discharges from your facility.

(d) Amend your Plan, if after review by the Regional Administrator of the information you submit under paragraph (a) of this section, or submission of information to EPA by the State agency under paragraph (c) of this section, or after on-site review of your Plan, the Regional Administrator requires that you do so. The Regional Administrator may require you to amend your Plan if he finds that it does not meet the requirements of this part or that amendment is necessary to prevent and contain discharges from your facility.

(e) Act in accordance with this paragraph when the Regional Administrator proposes by certified mail or by personal delivery that you amend your SPCC Plan. If the owner or operator is a corporation, he must also notify by mail the registered agent of such corporation, if any and if known, in the State in which the facility is located. The Regional Administrator must specify the terms of such proposed amendment. Within 30 days from receipt of such notice, you may submit written information, views, and arguments on the proposed amendment. After considering all relevant material presented, the Regional Administrator must either notify you of any amendment required or rescind the notice. You must amend your Plan as required within 30 days after such notice, unless the Regional Administrator, for good cause, specifies another effective date. You must implement the amended Plan as soon as possible, but not later than six months after you amend your Plan, unless the Regional Administrator specifies another date.

(f) If you appeal a decision made by the Regional Administrator requiring an amendment to an SPCC Plan, send the appeal to the EPA Administrator in writing within 30 days of receipt of the notice from the Regional Administrator requiring the amendment under paragraph (e) of this section. You must send a complete copy of the appeal to the Regional Administrator at the time you make the appeal. The appeal must contain a clear and concise statement of the issues and points of fact in the case. It may also contain additional information from you, or from any other person. The EPA Administrator may request additional information from you, or from any other person. The EPA Administrator must render a decision within 60 days of receiving the appeal and must notify you of his decision.