U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 123.62 - Procedures for revision of State programs.

(a) Either EPA or the approved State may initiate program revision. Program revision may be necessary when the controlling Federal or State statutory or regulatory authority is modified or supplemented. The State shall keep EPA fully informed of any proposed modifications to its basic statutory or regulatory authority, its forms, procedures, or priorities. Grounds for program revision include cases where a State's existing approved program includes authority to issue NPDES permits for activities on a Federal Indian reservation and an Indian Tribe has subsequently been approved for assumption of the NPDES program under 40 CFR part 123 extending to those lands.

(b) Revision of a State program shall be accomplished as follows:

(1) The State shall submit a modified program description, Attorney General's statement, Memorandum of Agreement, or such other documents as EPA determines to be necessary under the circumstances.

(2) Whenever EPA determines that the proposed program revision is substantial, EPA shall issue public notice and provide an opportunity to comment for a period of at least 30 days. The public notice shall be mailed to interested persons and shall be published in the Federal Register and in enough of the largest newspapers in the State to provide Statewide coverage. The public notice shall summarize the proposed revisions and provide for the opportunity to request a public hearing. Such a hearing will be held if there is significant public interest based on requests received.

(3) The Administrator will approve or disapprove program revisions based on the requirements of this part (or, in the case of a sewage sludge management program, 40 CFR part 501) and of the CWA.

(4) A program revision shall become effective upon the approval of the Administrator. Notice of approval of any substantial revision shall be published in the Federal Register. Notice of approval of non-substantial program revisions may be given by a letter from the Administrator to the State Governor or his designee.

(c) States with approved programs must notify EPA whenever they propose to transfer all or part of any program from the approved State agency to any other State agency, and must identify any new division of responsibilities among the agencies involved. The new agency is not authorized to administer the program until approved by the Administrator under paragraph (b) of this section. Organizational charts required under § 123.22(b) (or, in the case of a sewage sludge management program, § 501.12(b) of this chapter) must be revised and resubmitted.

(d) Whenever the Administrator has reason to believe that circumstances have changed with respect to a State program, he may request, and the State shall provide, a supplemental Attorney General's statement, program description, or such other documents or information as are necessary.

(e) State NPDES programs only. All new programs must comply with these regulations immediately upon approval. Any approved State section 402 permit program which requires revision to conform to this part shall be so revised within one year of the date of promulgation of these regulations, unless a State must amend or enact a statute in order to make the required revision in which case such revision shall take place within 2 years, except that revision of State programs to implement the requirements of 40 CFR part 403 (pretreatment) shall be accomplished as provided in 40 CFR 403.10. In addition, approved States shall submit, within 6 months, copies of their permit forms for EPA review and approval. Approved States shall also assure that permit applicants, other than POTWs, submit, as part of their application, the information required under §§ 124.4(d) and 122.21 (g) or (h), as appropriate.

(f) Revision of a State program by a Great Lakes State or Tribe (as defined in 40 CFR 132.2) to conform to section 118 of the CWA and 40 CFR part 132 shall be accomplished pursuant to 40 CFR part 132.

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