U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 124.3 - Application for a permit.

(a) Applicable to State programs, see §§ 123.25 (NPDES), 145.11 (UIC), 233.26 (404), and 271.14 (RCRA). (1) Any person who requires a permit under the RCRA, UIC, NPDES, or PSD programs shall complete, sign, and submit to the Director an application for each permit required under §§ 270.1 (RCRA), 144.1 (UIC), 40 CFR 52.21 (PSD), and 122.1 (NPDES). Applications are not required for RCRA permits by rule (§ 270.60), underground injections authorized by rules (§§ 144.21 through 144.26), NPDES general permits (§ 122.28) and 404 general permits (§ 233.37).

(2) The Director shall not begin the processing of a permit until the applicant has fully complied with the application requirements for that permit. See §§ 270.10, 270.13 (RCRA), 144.31 (UIC), 40 CFR 52.21 (PSD), and 122.21 (NPDES).

(3) Permit applications (except for PSD permits) must comply with the signature and certification requirements of §§ 122.22 (NPDES), 144.32 (UIC), 233.6 (404), and 270.11 (RCRA).

(b) [Reserved]

(c) The Regional Administrator shall review for completeness every application for an EPA-issued permit. Each application for an EPA-issued permit submitted by a new HWM facility, a new UIC injection well, a major PSD stationary source or major PSD modification, or an NPDES new source or NPDES new discharger should be reviewed for completeness by the Regional Administrator within 30 days of its receipt. Each application for an EPA-issued permit submitted by an existing HWM facility (both Parts A and B of the application), existing injection well or existing NPDES source or sludge-only facility should be reviewed for completeness within 60 days of receipt. Upon completing the review, the Regional Administrator shall notify the applicant in writing whether the application is complete. If the application is incomplete, the Regional Administrator shall list the information necessary to make the application complete. When the application is for an existing HWM facility, an existing UIC injection well or an existing NPDES source or “sludge-only facility” the Regional Administrator shall specify in the notice of deficiency a date for submitting the necessary information. The Regional Administrator shall notify the applicant that the application is complete upon receiving this information. After the application is completed, the Regional Administrator may request additional information from an applicant but only when necessary to clarify, modify, or supplement previously submitted material. Requests for such additional information will not render an application incomplete.

(d) If an applicant fails or refuses to correct deficiencies in the application, the permit may be denied and appropriate enforcement actions may be taken under the applicable statutory provision including RCRA section 3008, SDWA sections 1423 and 1424, CAA section 167, and CWA sections 308, 309, 402(h), and 402(k).

(e) If the Regional Administrator decides that a site visit is necessary for any reason in conjunction with the processing of an application, he or she shall notify the applicant and a date shall be scheduled.

(f) The effective date of an application is the date on which the Regional Administrator notifies the applicant that the application is complete as provided in paragraph (c) of this section.

(g) For each application from a major new HWM facility, major new UIC injection well, major NPDES new source, major NPDES new discharger, or a permit to be issued under provisions of § 122.28(c), the Regional Administrator shall, no later than the effective date of the application, prepare and mail to the applicant a project decision schedule. (This paragraph does not apply to PSD permits.) The schedule shall specify target dates by which the Regional Administrator intends to:

(1) Prepare a draft permit;

(2) Give public notice;

(3) Complete the public comment period, including any public hearing; and

(4) Issue a final permit.

(Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.), Safe Drinking Water Act (42 U.S.C. 300f et seq.), Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq.), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.)) [48 FR 14264, Apr. 1, 1983, as amended at 48 FR 39620, Sept. 1, 1983; 54 FR 18785, May 2, 1989; 65 FR 30910, May 15, 2000]