U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 16, 2024

§ 125.97 - Other permit reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

The owner or operator of an existing facility subject to this subpart is required to submit to the Director the following information:

(a) Monitoring reports. Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) (or equivalent State reports) and results of all monitoring, demonstrations, and other information required by the permit sufficient to determine compliance with the permit conditions and requirements established under § 125.94.

(b) Status reports. Any reports required by the Director under § 125.94.

(c) Annual certification statement and report. An annual certification statement signed by the responsible corporate officer as defined in § 122.22 of this chapter subject to the following:

(1) If the information contained in the previous year's annual certification is still pertinent, you may simply state as such in a letter to the Director and the letter, along with any applicable data submission requirements specified in this section shall constitute the annual certification.

(2) If you have substantially modified operation of any unit at your facility that impacts cooling water withdrawals or operation of your cooling water intake structures, you must provide a summary of those changes in the report. In addition, you must submit revisions to the information required at § 122.21(r) of this chapter in your next permit application.

(d) Permit reporting records retention. Records of all submissions that are part of the permit reporting requirements of this section must be retained until the subsequent permit is issued. In addition, the Director may require supplemental recordkeeping such as compliance monitoring under § 125.96, supplemental data collection under 40 CFR 122.21, additional monitoring or data collection under § 125.95.

(e) Reporting. The Director has the discretion to require additional reporting when necessary to establish permit compliance and may provide for periodic inspection of the facility. The Director may require additional reporting including but not limited to the records required under § 125.97(d).

(f) Records of Director's Determination of BTA for Entrainment. All records supporting the Director's Determination of BTA for Entrainment under § 125.98(f) or (g) must be retained until such time as the Director revises the Determination of BTA for Entrainment in the permit.

(g) Additional reporting requirements related to Federally-listed threatened and endangered species or designated critical habitat. Where the Director requires additional measures to protect Federally-listed threatened or endangered species or critical habitat pursuant to § 125.94(g), the Director shall require reporting associated with those measures.