U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 228.6 - Specific criteria for site selection.

(a) In the selection of disposal sites, in addition to other necessary or appropriate factors determined by the Administrator, the following factors will be considered:

(1) Geographical position, depth of water, bottom topography and distance from coast;

(2) Location in relation to breeding, spawning, nursery, feeding, or passage areas of living resources in adult or juvenile phases;

(3) Location in relation to beaches and other amenity areas;

(4) Types and quantities of wastes proposed to be disposed of, and proposed methods of release, including methods of packing the waste, if any;

(5) Feasibility of surveillance and monitoring;

(6) Dispersal, horizontal transport and vertical mixing characteristics of the area, including prevailing current direction and velocity, if any;

(7) Existence and effects of current and previous discharges and dumping in the area (including cumulative effects);

(8) Interference with shipping, fishing, recreation, mineral extraction, desalination, fish and shellfish culture, areas of special scientific importance and other legitimate uses of the ocean;

(9) The existing water quality and ecology of the site as determined by available data or by trend assessment or baseline surveys;

(10) Potentiality for the development or recruitment of nuisance species in the disposal site;

(11) Existence at or in close proximity to the site of any significant natural or cultural features of historical importance.

(b) The results of a disposal site evaluation and/or designation study based on the criteria stated in paragraphs (a)(1) through (11) of this section will be presented in support of the site designation promulgation as an environmental assessment of the impact of the use of the site for disposal, and will be used in preparation of environmental impact statement for each site where such a statement is required by EPA policy. By publication of a notice in accordance with this part 228, an environmental impact statement, in draft form, will be made available for public comment not later than the time of publication of the site designation as proposed rulemaking, and a final EIS will be made available at the time of final rulemaking.

[42 FR 2482, Jan. 11, 1977, as amended at 84 FR 31515, July 2, 2019]