U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 270.70 - Qualifying for interim status.

(a) Any person who owns or operates an “existing HWM facility” or a facility in existence on the effective date of statutory or regulatory amendments under the Act that render the facility subject to the requirement to have a RCRA permit shall have interim status and shall be treated as having been issued a permit to the extent he or she has:

(1) Complied with the requirements of section 3010(a) of RCRA pertaining to notification of hazardous waste activity.

[Comment: Some existing facilities may not be required to file a notification under section 3010(a) of RCRA. These facilities may qualify for interim status by meeting paragraph (a)(2) of this section.]

(2) Complied with the requirements of § 270.10 governing submission of part A applications;

(b) Failure to qualify for interim status. If EPA has reason to believe upon examination of a part A application that it fails to meet the requirements of § 270.13, it shall notify the owner or operator in writing of the apparent deficiency. Such notice shall specify the grounds for EPA's belief that the application is deficient. The owner or operator shall have 30 days from receipt to respond to such a notification and to explain or cure the alleged deficiency in his part A application. If, after such notification and opportunity for response, EPA determines that the application is deficient it may take appropriate enforcement action.

(c) Paragraph (a) of this section shall not apply to any facility which has been previously denied a RCRA permit or if authority to operate the facility under RCRA has been previously terminated.

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