U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 26, 2023

§ 300.815 - Administrative record file for a remedial action.

(a) The administrative record file for the selection of a remedial action shall be made available for public inspection at the commencement of the remedial investigation phase. At such time, the lead agency shall publish in a major local newspaper of general circulation a notice or use one or more other mechanisms to give adequate notice to a community of the availability of the administrative record file.

(b) The lead agency shall provide a public comment period as specified in § 300.430(f)(3) so that interested persons may submit comments on the selection of the remedial action for inclusion in the administrative record file. The lead agency is encouraged to consider and respond as appropriate to significant comments that were submitted prior to the public comment period. A written response to significant comments submitted during the public comment period shall be included in the administrative record file.

(c) The lead agency shall comply with the public participation procedures required in § 300.430(f)(3) and shall document such compliance in the administrative record.

(d) Documents generated or received after the record of decision is signed shall be added to the administrative record file only as provided in § 300.825.

[55 FR 8859, Mar. 8, 1990, as amended at 80 FR 17706, Apr. 2, 2015]