U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 26, 2023

§ 300.825 - Record requirements after the decision document is signed.

(a) The lead agency may add documents to the administrative record file after the decision document selecting the response action has been signed if:

(1) The documents concern a portion of a response action decision that the decision document does not address or reserves to be decided at a later date; or

(2) An explanation of significant differences required by § 300.435(c), or an amended decision document is issued, in which case, the explanation of significant differences or amended decision document and all documents that form the basis for the decision to modify the response action shall be added to the administrative record file.

(b) The lead agency may hold additional public comment periods or extend the time for the submission of public comment after a decision document has been signed on any issues concerning selection of the response action. Such comment shall be limited to the issues for which the lead agency has requested additional comment. All additional comments submitted during such comment periods that are responsive to the request, and any response to these comments, along with documents supporting the request and any final decision with respect to the issue, shall be placed in the administrative record file.

(c) The lead agency is required to consider comments submitted by interested persons after the close of the public comment period only to the extent that the comments contain significant information not contained elsewhere in the administrative record file which could not have been submitted during the public comment period and which substantially support the need to significantly alter the response action. All such comments and any responses thereto shall be placed in the administrative record file.