U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 17, 2024

§ 307.30 - Requesting payment from the potentially responsible party.

(a) A claimant must present all claims to any person who is known to the claimant and who may be liable under section 107 of CERCLA at least 60 days before filing a claim against the Fund. The presentation to the potentially responsible party must be a written request for payment, delivered either by certified mail (return receipt requested) or in such a manner as will establish the date of receipt. At a minimum this request must contain:

(1) The name of the claimant (commercial entity or individual);

(2) The name, title, and address of any authorized representative;

(3) The location of the release and cleanup;

(4) The date of the release, if known;

(5) The owner of the property, if other than the claimant;

(6) A description of the response action taken; and

(7) The amount of the request (in dollars);

(8) If applicable, notice of intent to file a subsequent application for preauthorization or claim against the Fund for additional operable units or for a stage of a response action.

(b) Where the potentially responsible party is unknown, the claimant must make a good-faith effort to identify the potentially responsible party prior to submitting a claim. If the potentially responsible party is identified, the claimant must then comply with the procedures of § 307.30(a). Where a potentially responsible party cannot be identified, the claimant may submit a claim to the Fund pursuant to § 307.31. Claims submitted under this paragraph must be accompanied by documentation of efforts to identify potentially responsible parties.

(c) If the claimant and the potentially responsible party agree to a settlement involving a release from liability, the claimant may submit a claim against the Fund for any costs that are not recovered provided the claimant complies with the provisions of § 307.20(c), which require EPA's prior approval of such releases from liability.

(d) If the claim is denied by the potentially responsible party, or has not been satisfied after 60 days of presentation to such party, the claimant may submit a claim to the Fund in accordance with § 307.31.

(e) If the first claim was denied by the potentially responsible party or not responded to, and EPA agrees that there is no reason to believe that subsequent claims would be honored by such potentially responsible party, the denial of the first claim, or lack of response, shall be considered denial of every subsequent claim.