U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4130.7 - Ownership and identification of livestock.

(a) The permittee or lessee shall own or control and be responsible for the management of the livestock which graze the public land under a grazing permit or lease.

(b) Authorized users shall comply with the requirements of the State in which the public lands are located relating to branding of livestock, breed, grade, and number of bulls, health and sanitation.

(c) The authorized officer may require counting and/or additional special marking or tagging of the authorized livestock in order to promote the orderly administration of the public lands.

(d) Except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section, where a permittee or lessee controls but does not own the livestock which graze the public lands, the agreement that gives the permittee or lessee control of the livestock by the permittee or lessee shall be filed with the authorized officer and approval received prior to any grazing use. The document shall describe the livestock and livestock numbers, identify the owner of the livestock, contain the terms for the care and management of the livestock, specify the duration of the agreement, and shall be signed by the parties to the agreement.

(e) The brand and other identifying marks on livestock controlled, but not owned, by the permittee or lessee shall be filed with the authorized officer.

(f) Livestock owned by sons and daughters of grazing permittees and lessees may graze public lands included within the permit or lease of their parents when all the following conditions exist:

(1) The sons and daughters are participating in educational or youth programs related to animal husbandry, agribusiness or rangeland management, or are actively involved in the family ranching operation and are establishing a livestock herd with the intent of assuming part or all of the family ranch operation.

(2) The livestock owned by the sons and daughters to be grazed on public lands do not comprise greater than 50 percent of the total number authorized to occupy public lands under their parent's permit or lease.

(3) The brands or other markings of livestock that are owned by sons and daughters are recorded on the parent's permit, lease, or grazing application.

(4) Use by livestock owned by sons and daughters, when considered in addition to use by livestock owned or controlled by the permittee or lessee, does not exceed authorized livestock use and is consistent with other terms and conditions of the permit or lease.

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