U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 205.38 - Federal financial participation (FFP) for establishing a statewide mechanized system.

(a) Effective July 1, 1981 through March 31, 1994, FFP is available at 90 percent of expenditures incurred for planning, design, development or installation of a statewide automated application processing and information retrieval system which are consistent with an approved ADP. (Beginning April 1, 1994 the match rate available for development of title IV-A automated systems is 50 percent.) The 90 percent FFP includes the purchase or rental of computer equipment and software directly required for and used in the operation of this system.

(b) ACF will approve the system provided the following conditions are met—

(1) ACF determines that the system is likely to provide more efficient, economical, and effective administration of the AFDC program.

(2) The system is compatible with the claims processing and information retrieval systems used in the administration of State plans approved under title XIX, and State programs where there is FFP under title XX.

(3) The system meets the requirements referred to in § 205.36.

(4) The system meets criteria established in the title IV-A (AFDC) Automated Application Processing and Information Retrieval System Guide issued by ACF and which provides specific standard requirements for major functions, such as automated eligibility determination, grant computation, verification, referral, management control, compability, and data security.

(5) The State agency certifies that—

(i) The State will have all ownership rights in software or modifications thereof and associated documentation designed or developed with 90 percent FFP under this section, except that the Department of Health and Human Services reserves a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use, and to authorize others to use for Federal government purposes, such software, modifications, and documentation;

(ii) Methods and procedures for properly charging the cost of all systems whether acquired from public or private sources shall be in accordance with Federal regulations in part 74 of this title and the applicable ACF title IV-A (AFDC) Automated Application Processing and Information Retrieval System Guide;

(iii) The complete system planned, designed, developed, installed, and hardware acquired, with FFP under these regulations will be used for a period of time which is consistent with the advance planning document as approved, or which ACF determines is sufficient to justify the Federal funds invested;

(iv) Information in the system will be safeguarded in accordance with applicable Federal law; and

(v) Access to the system in all of its aspects, including design, development, and operation, including work performed by any source, and including cost records of contractors and subcontractors, shall be made available to the Federal Government by the State at intervals deemed necessary by ACF to determine whether the conditions for approval are being met and to determine its efficiency, economy and effectiveness.

(c) If ACF suspends approval, as described in § 205.37, of the advance automated data processing planning document and/or system, FFP at the higher matching rate shall not be allowed for any costs incurred, until such time as the conditions for approval are met. Should the State fail to correct the deficiencies which led to the suspension within 90 days of the date of notification of suspension or within a longer period of time agreed to by both the State and ACF, all Federal incentive funds invested to date that exceed the normal administrative FFP rate (50 percent) will be disallowed.

(d) Should a State voluntarily withdraw its approved APD and cease development of the approved system, all Federal incentive funds invested to date that exceed the normal administrative FFP rate (50 percent) will be disallowed.

(e) Once a State is certified as having met the requirements referred to in § 205.36 incentive funding will not be allowable for enhancements or other modifications unless these modifications are authorized by the Administation for Children and Families as a result of Federal legislative or regulatory change.

[51 FR 13007, Apr. 17, 1986, as amended at 53 FR 36579, Sept. 21, 1988; 59 FR 30709, June 15, 1994]