U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 95.627 - Waivers.

(a) Application for a waiver. A State may apply for a waiver of any requirement in subpart F by presenting an alternative approach. Waiver requests must be submitted and approved as part of the State's APD or APD Update.

(b) Waiver approvals. The Secretary, or his or her designee, may grant a State a waiver if the State demonstrates that it has an alternative approach to a requirement in this chapter that will safeguard the State and Federal Governments' interest and that enables the State to be in substantial compliance with the other requirements of this chapter.

(c) Contents of waiver request. The State's request for approval of an alternative approach or waiver of a requirement in this chapter must demonstrate why meeting the condition is unnecessary, diminishes the State's ability to meet program requirements, or that the alternative approach leads to a more efficient, economical, and effective administration of the programs for which federal financial participation is provided, benefiting both the State and Federal Governments.

(d) Review of waiver requests. The Secretary, or his or her designee, will review waiver requests to assure that all necessary information is provided, that all processes provide for effective economical and effective program operation, and that the conditions for waiver in this section are met.

(e) Agency's response to a waiver request. When a waiver is approved by an agency, it becomes part of the State's approved APD and is applicable to the approving agency. A waiver is subject to the APD suspension provisions in § 95.611(c)(3). When a waiver is disapproved, the entire APD will be disapproved. The APD disapproval is a final administrative decision and is not subject to administrative appeal.

[75 FR 66340, Oct. 28, 2010]