U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 107.502 - General registration requirements.

(a) Definitions: For purposes of this subpart -

(1) Assembly means the performance of any of the following functions when the function does not involve welding on the cargo tank wall:

(i) The mounting of one or more tanks or cargo tanks on a motor vehicle or to a motor vehicle suspension component;

(ii) The installation of equipment or components necessary to meet the specification requirements prior to the certification of the cargo tank motor vehicle; or

(iii) The installation of linings, coatings, or other materials to the inside of a cargo tank wall.

(2) The terms Authorized Inspector, Cargo tank, Cargo tank motor vehicle, Design Certifying Engineer, Registered Inspector, and Person are defined in § 171.8 of this chapter.

(3) The terms cargo tank wall and manufacturer are defined in § 178.320(a), and repair is defined in § 180.403 of this chapter.

(b) No person may engage in the manufacture, assembly, certification, inspection or repair of a cargo tank or cargo tank motor vehicle manufactured under the terms of a DOT specification under subchapter C of this chapter or a special permit issued under this part unless the person is registered with the Department in accordance with the provisions of this subpart. A person employed as an inspector or design certifying engineer is considered to be registered if the person's employer is registered. The requirements of this paragraph (b) do not apply to a person engaged in the repair of a DOT specification cargo tank used in the transportation of hazardous materials in the United States in accordance with § 180.413(a)(1)(iii) of this chapter.

(c) A person who performs functions which are subject to the provisions of this subpart may perform only those functions which have been identified to the Department in accordance with the procedures of this subpart.

(d) Registration statements must be in English, contain all the information required by this subpart, and be submitted to: FMCSA Hazardous Materials Division - MC-SEH, West Building, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20590.

(e) Upon determination that a registration statement contains all the information required by this subpart, the Department will send the registrant a letter confirming receipt of the registration application and assigning a registration number to that person. A separate registration number will be assigned for each cargo tank manufacturing, assembly, repair facility or other place of business identified by the registrant.

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