U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 24, 2024

§ 1104.14 - Protective orders to maintain confidentiality.

(a) Segregation of confidential material. A party submitting materials which it believes are entitled to be kept confidential and not made part of the public docket should submit these materials as a separate package, clearly marked on the outside “Confidential materials subject to a request for a protective order.” When confidential documents are filed, redacted versions must also be filed.

(b) Requests for protective orders. A request that materials submitted to the Board be kept confidential should be submitted as a separate pleading and clearly headed “Motion for protective order.”

(c) Requests for protective orders in stand-alone cost and simplified standards cases. A motion for protective order in stand-alone cost and simplified standards cases shall specify that evidentiary submissions will designate confidential material within single braces (i.e., {X}), highly confidential material within double braces (i.e., {{Y}}), and sensitive security information within triple braces (i.e., {{{Z}}}). In stand-alone cost cases, the motion for protective order shall be filed together with the notice pursuant to 49 CFR 1111.1.

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