U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 07, 2022

§ 1312.3 - Tariff contents and standards; Essential criteria.

(a) Contents. Tariffs filed with the Board, including tariffs published, filed, and kept electronically in accordance with § 1312.4(b), must: Be filed in English; include an accurate description of the services offered to the public; provide the specific applicable rates explicitly stated in U.S. dollars and cents (or the basis for calculating the specific applicable rates) and service terms; and be arranged in a way that allows for the determination of the exact rate(s) and service terms applicable to any given shipment (or to any given group of shipments). Tariffs that are electronically kept on the internet must also provide the date on which a new tariff or any change in any tariff matter first appears on the internet and the date on which it becomes effective.

(b) Use of multiple tariffs. All information necessary to determine applicable rates and service terms for a given shipment need not be contained in a single tariff, but if multiple tariffs are used to convey that information, the tariff containing the rates must make specific reference (by STB tariff designation) to all other tariffs required to determine applicable rates and service terms, and the carrier(s) party to the rates must participate in all of the tariffs so linked.

(c) Clarity. Tariff information must be presented in a way that facilitates the determination of the prices and services offered, and the related service terms. Ambiguous terms and complex methods of presentation shall not be used.

(d) Explanations. Reference marks and abbreviations, other than commonly used abbreviations, shall be explained either in the item in which they are used or in a separate item.

[62 FR 19058, Apr. 18, 1997, as amended at 84 FR 20295, May 9, 2019]