U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 173.54 - Forbidden explosives.

Unless otherwise provided in this subchapter, the following explosives shall not be offered for transportation or transported:

(a) An explosive that has not been approved in accordance with § 173.56 of this subpart.

(b) An explosive mixture or device containing a chlorate and also containing:

(1) An ammonium salt, including a substituted ammonium or quaternary ammonium salt; or

(2) An acidic substance, including a salt of a weak base and a strong acid.

(c) A leaking or damaged package or article containing an explosive.

(d) Propellants that are unstable, condemned or deteriorated.

(e) Nitroglycerin, diethylene glycol dinitrate, or any other liquid explosives not specifically authorized by this subchapter.

(f) A loaded firearm (except as provided in 49 CFR 1544.219).

(g) Fireworks that combine an explosive and a detonator.

(h) Fireworks containing yellow or white phosphorus.

(i) A toy torpedo, the maximum outside dimension of which exceeds 23 mm (0.906 inch), or a toy torpedo containing a mixture of potassium chlorate, black antimony (antimony sulfide), and sulfur, if the weight of the explosive material in the device exceeds 0.26 g (0.01 ounce).

(j) Explosives specifically forbidden in the § 172.101 table of this subchapter.

(k) Explosives not meeting the acceptance criteria specified in § 173.57 of this subchapter.

(l) An explosive article with its means of initiation or ignition installed, unless approved in accordance with § 173.56.

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