U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 385.5 - Safety fitness standard.

The satisfactory safety rating is based on the degree of compliance with the safety fitness standard for motor carriers. For intrastate motor carriers subject to the hazardous materials safety permit requirements of subpart E of this part, the motor carrier must meet the equivalent State requirements. To meet the safety fitness standard, the motor carrier must demonstrate it has adequate safety management controls in place, which function effectively to ensure acceptable compliance with applicable safety requirements to reduce the risk associated with:

(a) Commercial driver's license standard violations (part 383 of this chapter),

(b) Inadequate levels of financial responsibility (part 387 of this chapter),

(c) The use of unqualified drivers (part 391 of this chapter),

(d) Improper use and driving of motor vehicles (part 392 of this chapter),

(e) Unsafe vehicles operating on the highways (part 393 of this chapter),

(f) Failure to maintain accident registers and copies of accident reports (part 390 of this chapter),

(g) The use of fatigued drivers (part 395 of this chapter),

(h) Inadequate inspection, repair, and maintenance of vehicles (part 396 of this chapter),

(i) Transportation of hazardous materials, driving and parking rule violations (part 397 of this chapter),

(j) Violation of hazardous materials regulations (parts 170–177 of this title), and

(k) Motor vehicle accidents and hazardous materials incidents.

[77 FR 28454, May 14, 2012]