U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 300.201 - Examinations.

(a) The Office makes available information that will assist members of the public in understanding the purpose of, and preparing for, civil service examinations. This includes the types of questions and the categories of knowledge or skill pertinent to a particular examination. The Office does not release the following: (1) Testing and examination materials used solely to determine individual qualifications, and (2) test material, including test plans, item analysis data, criterion instruments, and other material the disclosure of which would compromise the objectivity of the testing process.

(b) The Office maintains control over the security and release of testing and examination materials which it has developed and made available to agencies for initial competitive appointment or inservice use unless the materials were developed specifically for an agency through a reimbursable contractual agreement. These testing and examination materials include, and are subject to the same controls as, those described in paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section.

(c) Each employee entrusted with test material has a positive duty to protect the confidentiality of that material and to assure release only as required to conduct an examination authorized by the Office.

(d) An applicant may review his or her own answers in a written test, but only in the presence of an employee of the Office or, for the convenience of the Office and requester, in the presence of an employee of another agency designated by OPM. The applicant may not review a test booklet in connection with this review.

(e) The Office will release information concerning the results of examinations only to the individual concerned, or to parties explicitly designated by the individual.

(f) The Office will not reveal the names of applicants for civil service positions or eligibles on civil service registers, certificates, employment lists, or other lists of eligibles, or their ratings or relative standings.

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