U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 315.801 - Probationary period; when required.

(a) The first year of service of an employee who is given a career or career-conditional appointment under this part is a probationary period when the employee:

(1) Was appointed from a competitive list of eligibles established under subpart C of this part;

(2) Was reinstated under subpart D of this part unless during any period of service which affords a current basis for reinstatement, the employee completed a probationary period or served with competitive status under an appointment which did not require a probationary period.

(b) A person who is:

(1) Transferred under § 315.501; or

(2) Promoted, demoted, or reassigned; before he completed probation is required to complete the probationary period in the new position.

(c) A person who is reinstated from the Reemployment Priority List to a position in the same agency and the same commuting area does not have to serve a new probationary period, but, if separated during probation, is required to complete the probationary period in the new position.

(d) Upon noncompetitive appointment to the competitive service under the Postal Reorganization Act (39 U.S.C. 101 et seq.), an employee of the Postal Career Service (including substitute and part-time flexible) who has not completed 1 year of Postal service, must serve the remainder of a 1-year probationary period in the new agency.

(e) A person who is appointed to the competitive service either by special appointing authority or by conversion under subparts F or G of this part serves a 1-year probationary period unless specifically exempt from probation by the authority itself.

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