U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 531.410 - Reconsideration of a negative determination.

(a) When an agency head, or his or her designee, issues a negative determination the following procedures are established in accordance with section 5335(c) of title 5, United States Code for reconsideration of the negative determination:

(1) An employee or an employee's personal representative may request reconsideration of a negative determination by filing, not more than 15 days after receiving notice of determination, a written response to the negative determination setting forth the reasons the agency shall reconsider the determination;

(2) When an employee files a request for reconsideration, the agency shall establish an employee reconsideration file which shall contain all pertinent documents relating to the negative determination and the request for reconsideration, including copies of the following:

(i) The written negative determination and the basis therefore;

(ii) The employee's written request for reconsideration;

(iii) The report of investigation when an investigation is made;

(iv) The written summary or transcript of any personal presentation made; and

(v) The agency's decision on the request for reconsideration.

The file shall not contain any document that has not been made available to the employee or his or her personal representative with an opportunity to submit a written exception to any summary of the employee's personal presentation;

(3) An employee in a duty status shall be granted a reasonable amount of official time to review the material relied upon to support the negative determination and to prepare a response to the determination; and

(4) The agency shall provide the employee with a prompt written final decision.

(b) The time limit to request a reconsideration may be extended when the employee shows he or she was not notified of the time limit and was not otherwise aware of it, or that the employee was prevented by circumstances beyond his or her control from requesting reconsideration within the time limit.

(c) An agency may disallow as an employee's personal representative an individual whose activities as a representative would cause a conflict of interest of position, an employee whose release from his or her official duties and responsibilities would give rise to unreasonable costs to the Government, or an employee whose priority work assignment precludes his or her release from official duties and responsibilities. Section 7114 of title 5, United States Code, and the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement govern representation for employees in an exclusive bargaining unit.

(d) When a negative determination is sustained after reconsideration, an employee shall be informed in writing of the reasons for the decision and of his or her right to appeal the decision to the Merit Systems Protection Board. However, for an employee covered by a collective bargaining agreement a reconsideration decision that sustains a negative determination is only reviewable in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

[46 FR 2319, Jan. 9, 1981, as amended at 50 FR 45389, Oct. 31, 1985]