U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 838.1009 - Decisions.

(a)(1) When the individual does not respond within the 30-day notice period provided for by § 838.1008, the court order will be honored in accordance with the notification.

(2) When a timely response to the notification is received, the Associate Director will consider the response. The former spouse's claim will be denied and the former spouse will be notified of the right to request reconsideration under § 831.109 of this chapter whenever is is shown that—

(i) The court order is not a qualifying court order; or

(ii) The court order is inconsistent with a contemporaneous or subsequent court order.

(b) If any person who may lose benefits if OPM honors the court order objects to payment based on the validity of the court order and the record contains reasonable support for the objection, he or she will be granted 30 days to initiate legal action to determine the validity of the objection. If funds are available under § 838.1006 and evidence is submitted that legal action had been started before the 30 days have expired, money will continue to be withheld, but no payment will be made to the former spouse pending judicial determination of the validity of the court order.

[50 FR 20077, May 13, 1985. Redesignated and amended at 57 FR 33596, July 29, 1992]