U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 892.207 - Can I make changes to my FEHB enrollment while I am participating in premium conversion?

(a) Subject to the exceptions described in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, you can make changes to your FEHB enrollment for the same reasons and with the same effective dates listed in § 890.301 of this chapter.

(b) However, if you are participating in premium conversion there are two exceptions: You must have a qualifying life event to decrease enrollment type, switch a covered family member, or to cancel FEHB coverage entirely. (See §§ 892.209 and 892.210.) Your change in enrollment must be consistent with and correspond to your qualifying life event as described in § 892.101. These limitations apply only to changes you may wish to make outside open season.

(c) If you are subject to a court or administrative order as discussed in § 890.301(g)(3) of this chapter, your employing agency can limit a change to your enrollment as long as the court or administrative order is still in effect and you have at least one child identified in the order who is still eligible under the FEHB Program, unless you provide documentation to your agency that you have other coverage for your child or children. See also § 892.208 and § 892.209.

(d) During the first plan year in which the self plus one enrollment type is available, OPM will administer a limited enrollment period for enrollees who participate in premium conversion. During this limited enrollment period, enrollees who participate in premium conversion will be allowed to decrease enrollment from self and family to self plus one during a time period determined by OPM. No other changes, including changes in plan or plan option or increases in enrollment, will be allowed. Enrollments will be effective on the first day of the first pay period following the one in which the appropriate request is received by the employing office.

[69 FR 56929, Sept. 23, 2004, as amended at 80 FR 55739, Sept. 17, 2015]