U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 21, 2024

§ 1.305 - Review by the reviewing official.

(a) Upon receipt of the report of the investigating official, the reviewing official may refer the report to the appropriate agency fraud claims officer (AFCO) for a recommendation with respect to the determination required under this section.

(b) The AFCO shall evaluate the evidence and make a recommendation to the reviewing officer within 45 days of receipt of the report of the investigating official.

(c) The reviewing official is not bound by the recommendation of the AFCO, and may accept or reject it.

(d) If, based on the report of the investigating official under § 1.304(f) of this part, the reviewing official determines that there is adequate evidence to believe that a person is liable under § 1.303 of this part, the reviewing official shall transmit to the Attorney General a written notice of the reviewing official's intention to issue a complaint under § 1.307 of this part.

(e) Such notice shall include—

(1) A statement of the reviewing official's reasons for issuing a complaint;

(2) A statement of the evidence that supports the allegations of liability;

(3) A description of the claims or statements upon which the allegations of liability are based;

(4) An estimate of the amount of money or the value of property, services, or other benefits requested or demanded in violation of § 1.303 of this part;

(5) A statement of any exculpatory or mitigating circumstances that may relate to the claims or statements;

(6) A statement that there is a reasonable prospect of collecting the amount specified in § 1.307(b)(2) of this part and the reasons supporting such statement.