U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 02, 2023

§ 1421.8 - Eligible quantity.

(a) With respect to MALs and LDPs for:

(1) Farm-stored commodities, all determinations of weight and quality, except as otherwise agreed to or required by CCC, will be determined at the time of delivery of the commodity to CCC or at the time the LDP application is filed for measured requests, if applicable, or selected for spot-check for certified requests.

(2) Warehouse-stored commodities, all determinations of grade, weight and quality, except as otherwise agreed to or required by CCC, will be determined at the time the MAL is forfeited to CCC.

(b)(1) A producer may, before the final MAL availability date for obtaining a MAL for a commodity, repledge as collateral for securing a MAL any commodity that had been previously pledged as collateral for a MAL, except with respect to:

(i) Commodities that have been redeemed at the prevailing world market price for rice, or the alternative repayment rate for all other commodities, as determined by CCC.

(ii) Commodities on which a LDP has been received.

(2) The commodity repledged as security for the subsequent MAL will have the same maturity date, under § 1421.101 as the original MAL.

(c)(1) The MAL documents will not be presented for disbursement unless the commodity subject to the note and security agreement is an eligible harvested commodity, is in existence, and is in authorized farm or warehouse storage, as determined by CCC. If the commodity was not either an eligible commodity, in existence, or in authorized storage at the time of disbursement, the total amount disbursed under the MAL and charges plus interest must be refunded promptly by the producer.

(2) CCC will limit the total quantity for MAL or LDP disbursement to 100 percent of the quantity of such MAL or LDP application. A producer may obtain a separate MAL or LDP before the final loan availability date for the commodity for quantities in excess of 100 percent of such quantity if such quantities are otherwise eligible.

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