U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.11 - Warehouse receipts.

(a) Producers may obtain loans on eligible cotton represented by electronic warehouse receipts only if the warehouse receipts meet the definition of a warehouse receipt and provide for delivery of the cotton to bearer or are properly assigned by endorsement in blank, so as to vest title in the holder of the receipt or are otherwise acceptable to CCC. The warehouse receipt must:

(1) Contain the gin bale number;

(2) Contain the warehouse receipt number;

(3) Be dated on or before the date the producer signs the note and security agreement.

(b) Warehouse receipts, under § 1427.3, when issued as block warehouse receipts will be accepted when authorized by CCC only if the owner of the warehouse issuing the block warehouse receipt owns the cotton represented by the block warehouse receipt and the warehouse is not licensed under the U.S. Warehouse Act.

(c)(1) Each receipt must set out in its terms the tare and the net weight of the bale represented by the receipt. The net weight shown on the warehouse receipt must be the difference between the gross weight as determined by the warehouse at the warehouse site and the tare weight. The warehouse receipt may show the net weight established at a gin if gin weights are permitted by the licensing authority for the warehouse.

(2) The tare weight shown on the receipt must be the tare weight furnished to the warehouse by the ginner or entered by the ginner on the gin bale tag. A machine card type warehouse receipt reflecting an alteration in gross, tare weight, or net weight will not be accepted by CCC unless it bears, on the face of the receipt, the following legend or similar wording approved by CCC, duly executed by the warehouse or an authorized representative of the warehouse:

Corrected (gross, tare, or net) weight,

(Name of warehouse),

By (Signature or initials),


(3) Alterations in other inserted data on a machine card type warehouse receipt must be initialed by an authorized representative of the warehouse.

(d) If warehouse storage charges have been paid, the receipt must show that date through which the storage charges have been paid.

(e) If warehouse receiving charges have been paid or waived, the warehouse receipt must show such fact.

(f) The warehouse receipt must show the compression status of the bale; i.e., flat, modified flat, standard, gin standard, standard density (short), gin universal, universal density (short), or warehouse universal density. The receipt must show if the compression charge has been paid, or if the warehouse claims no lien for such compression.

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