U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 18, 2024

§ 1493.130 - Evidence of export.

(a) Report of export. The Exporter is required to provide CCC an evidence of export report for each shipment made under the Payment Guarantee. This report must include the following information:

(1) Payment Guarantee number;

(2) Evidence of export report number (e.g., Report 1, Report 2) reflecting the report's chronological order of submission under the particular Payment Guarantee;

(3) Date of Export;

(4) Destination country or region. If the sale was registered under a regional program, the Exporter must indicate the specific country or countries within the region to which the goods were shipped;

(5) Exporter's sale number;

(6) Exported Value;

(7) Quantity;

(8) A full description of the commodity exported, including the applicable six-digit Harmonized System commodity classification code;

(9) Unit sales price received for the commodity exported and the Incoterms 2010 basis (e.g., FOB, CFR, CIF). Where the unit sales price at export differs from the unit sales price indicated in the Exporter's application for a Payment Guarantee, the Exporter is also required to submit a statement explaining the reason for the difference;

(10) Description and value of Discounts and Allowances, if any;

(11) The Exporter's statement, “All certifications set forth in 7 CFR 1493.140 are hereby being made by the Exporter in this Evidence of Export.” which, when included in the evidence of export by the Exporter, will constitute a certification that it is in compliance with all the requirements set forth in § 1493.140; and

(12) In addition to all of the above information, the final evidence of export report for the Payment Guarantee must include the following:

(i) The statement “Exports under the Payment Guarantee have been completed.”

(ii) A statement summarizing the total quantity and value of the commodity exported under the Payment Guarantee (i.e., the cumulative totals on all numbered evidence of export reports).

(b) Time limit for submission of evidence of export. (1) The Exporter must provide a written report to the CCC in the manner specified on the USDA Web site within 30 calendar days of the Date of Export.

(2) If at any time the Exporter determines that no shipments are to be made under a Payment Guarantee, the Exporter is required to notify CCC in writing no later than the final date to export specified on the Payment Guarantee by furnishing the Payment Guarantee number and stating “no exports will be made under the Payment Guarantee.”

(3) Requests for an extension of the time limit for submitting an evidence of export report must be submitted in writing by the Exporter to the Director and must include an explanation of why the extension is needed. An extension of the time limit may be granted if such extension is requested prior to the expiration of the time limit for filing and is determined by the Director to be in the best interests of CCC.

(c) Failure to comply with time limits for submission. CCC will not accept any new applications for Payment Guarantees from an Exporter under § 1493.70 until the Exporter is fully in compliance with the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section for all existing Payment Guarantees issued to the Exporter or has requested and been granted an extension per paragraph (b)(3) of this section.

(d) Export sales reporting. Exporters have a mandatory reporting responsibility under Section 602 of the Agricultural Trade Act of 1978 (7 U.S.C. 5712), for exports of certain agricultural commodities and products thereof.