U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1942.108 - Application docket preparation and review.

(a) Guides. Application dockets should be developed in accordance with § 1942.2(c) of subpart A of this part 1942.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Budgets. All applicants must complete Form RD 442-7, “Operating Budget,” except as provided in this paragraph. Applicants with annual incomes not exceeding $100,000 may, with concurrence of the District Director, use Form RD 1942-52, “Cash Flow Projection,” instead of Form RD 442-7. Projections should be provided for the current year and each year thereafter until the facility is expected to have been in operation for a full year and a full annual installment paid on the loan.

(d) Letter of conditions. The District Director should prepare and issue a letter of conditions in accordance with § 1942.5 (a)(1) and (c) of subpart A of this part 1942.

(e) Organizational review. As early in the application process as practical, the approval official should obtain copies of organization documents from each applicant and forward them through the State Office to the Regional Attorney for review and comments. The Regional Attorney's comments should be received and considered before obligation of funds.

(f) National Office review. Applications that require National Office review will be submitted in accordance with § 1942.5(b) of subpart A of this part 1942.

(g) State Office review. The State Office must monitor fire and rescue and other small community facility project loanmaking and servicing and provide guidance, assistance, and training as necessary to ensure the activities are accomplished in an orderly manner consistent with the Agency's regulations. The processing office should request advice and assistance from the State Office as needed. The State Director may require all or part of a specific application docket to be submitted to the State Office for review at any time. The State Director may determine that one or more of the processing office staffs do not have adequate training and expertise to routinely complete application dockets without State Office review. In such cases, the State Director should establish guidelines by memorandum or by State supplement to the subpart for the necessary State Office reviews.

(h) Loan approval and fund obligation. Loans must be approved and obligated in accordance with § 1942.5(d) of subpart A of this part 1942 and subpart A of part 1901 of this chapter.

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