U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1942.12 - Loan cancellation.

Loans which have been approved and obligations which have been established may be canceled before closing as follows:

(a) Form Rural Development 1940-10, “Cancellation of U.S. Treasury Check and/or Obligation.” The Rural Development Manager or State Director may prepare and execute Form Rural Development 1940-10, Cancellation of U.S. Treasury Check and/or Obligation, in accordance with the Forms Manual Insert (FMI). If the disbursement has been received or is subsequently received in the Area Office, the Rural Development Manager will return it as prescribed in Rural Development Instruction 2018-D.

(b) Notice of cancellation. If the docket has been forwarded to Office of General Counsel that office will be notified of the cancellation by copy of Form Rural Development 1940-10. Any application for title insurance, if ordered, will be cancelled. The borrower's attorney and engineer/architect, if any, should be notified of the cancellation. The Rural Development Manager may provide the borrower's attorney and engineer/architect with a copy of the notification to the applicant. The State Director will notify the Director of Legislative Affairs and Public Information by telephone or electronic mail and give the reasons for such cancellation.

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