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§ 1951.232 - Water and waste disposal systems which have become part of an urban area.

A water and/or waste disposal system serving an area which was formerly a rural area as defined in § 1942.17(b)(2)(iii) and (iv) of subpart A of part 1942 of this chapter, but which has become in its entirety part of an urban area, will be serviced in accordance with this section.

(a) Curtailment or limitation of service. Service may not be curtailed or limited by the inclusion of a system within an urban area.

(b) Sale or transfer and assumption. (1) The urban community or another entity may purchase the facility involved and immediately pay the Rural Development debt in full; or

(2) The urban community or another entity may accept a transfer of the Rural Development debt on an ineligible applicant basis.

(3) When a grant is involved, the entity will agree in writing to assume all rights and obligations of the original grantee. See § 1951.215 for additional guidance on grant agreements.

(c) Lease-purchase arrangement. If § 1951.232(b) (l) and (2) of this section are not practicable, the urban community may, with prior approval of the National Office, operate and maintain the system under a lease-purchase arrangement which provides that:

(1) The urban community will:

(i) Assume responsibility for operation and maintenance of the facility, subject to nondiscrimination and all other requirements which are applicable to the borrower, which are to be specified in the agreement between the parties; and

(ii) Pay the association annually an amount sufficient to enable it to meet all its obligations, including reserve account requirements.

(2) The Rural Development borrower will:

(i) Meet its debt service and reserve account requirements to Rural Development;

(ii) Retain its corporate existence until Rural Development has been paid in full; and

(iii) If agreed upon by both parties, convey title to the facility to the urban community when the Rural Development debt has been paid in full.

(d) Processing. (1) Sale of a borrower's assets will be handled in accordance with § 1951.226 of this subpart.

(2) Transfer and assumption of a borrower's assets and indebtedness will be handled in accordance with § 1951.230 of this subpart.

(3) Lease-operation-to-purchase arrangements are not permitted.

(4) When a lease-purchase arrangement is proposed, the State Director will obtain a proposed agreement drafted by either the borrower or the urban community. The following will be forwarded to the Administrator, Attention: Water and Waste Disposal Division, for review and approval authorization:

(i) A copy of the proposed agreement;

(ii) Exhibit A of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office), appropriately completed;

(iii) OGC comments;

(iv) The case file, including all documentation appropriate for the type of servicing action involved.

[55 FR 4399, Feb. 8, 1992, as amended at 57 FR 21199, May 19, 1992]