U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2024

§ 1951.708 - Notification to recipient.

(a) Upon determination that unauthorized assistance was received, Rural Development will send a demand letter to the recipient that:

(1) Specifies the amount of unauthorized assistance, including any accrued interest to be repaid, and the standards for imposing accrued interest;

(2) States the amount of penalties and administrative costs to be paid, the standards for imposing them, and the date on which they will begin to accrue;

(3) Provides detailed reason(s) why the assistance was determined to be unauthorized;

(4) States the amount is immediately due and payable to Rural Development;

(5) Describes the rights the recipient has for seeking review of Rural Development's determination pursuant to 7 CFR part 11;

(6) Describes the Agency's available remedies regarding enforced collection, including referral of debt delinquent more than 180 days for Federal salary, benefit, and tax offset under the Department of Treasury Offset Program (TOP); and

(7) Provides an opportunity for the recipient to meet with Rural Development to provide facts, figures, written records, or other information which might refute Rural Development's determination.

(b) If the recipient meets with Rural Development, Rural Development will outline to the recipient why the assistance was determined to be unauthorized. The recipient will be given an opportunity to provide information to refute Rural Development's findings. When requested by the recipient, Rural Development may grant additional time for the recipient to assemble documentation. Such extension of time for payment will be valid only if Rural Development documents the extension in writing and specifies the period in days during which period the payment obligation created by the demand letter (but not the ongoing accrual of interest) will be suspended. Interest and other charges will continue to accrue pursuant to the demand letter during any extension period unless the terms of the demand letter are modified in writing by Rural Development.

(c) Unless Rural Development modifies the original demand, it will remain in full force and effect.