U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 29, 2024

§ 1951.709 - Decision on servicing actions.

(a) Payment in full. If the recipient agrees with Rural Development's determination or will pay the amount in question, Rural Development may allow a reasonable period of time (usually not to exceed 90 days) for the recipient to arrange for repayment. The amount due will be determined according to § 1951.707.

(b) Continuation with recipient. If the recipient agrees with Rural Development's determination or is willing to pay the amount in question but cannot repay the unauthorized assistance within a reasonable period of time, continuation is authorized and servicing actions outlined in § 1951.711 may be taken provided all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The recipient did not provide false information as defined in § 1951.702.

(2) It would be highly inequitable to require prompt repayment of the unauthorized assistance.

(3) Failure to collect the unauthorized assistance in full will not adversely affect Rural Development's financial interest.

(c) Appeals. Appeals resulting from the letter prescribed in § 1951.708 will be handled according to 7 CFR Part 11. All appeal provisions will be concluded before proceeding with further actions.

(d) Liquidation of loan(s) or legal action to enforce collection. When a case cannot be handled according to the provisions of paragraph (a) or (b) of this section, or if the recipient refuses to execute the documents necessary to establish an obligation to repay the unauthorized assistance as provided in § 1951.711, one or more of the following actions will be taken:

(1) Active borrower with a secured loan. (i) Rural Development will attempt to have the recipient liquidate voluntarily. If the recipient does not agree to voluntary liquidation, or agrees but it cannot be accomplished within a reasonable period of time (usually not more than 90 days), forced liquidation action will be initiated in accordance with applicable provisions of subpart A of part 1955 of this chapter unless:

(A) The amount of unauthorized assistance outstanding, including principal, accrued interest, and any recoverable costs charged to the account, is less than $1,000; or

(B) It would not be in the best financial interest of the Government to force liquidation.

(ii) When all of the conditions of paragraph (a) or (b) of this section are met, but the recipient does not repay or refuses to execute documents to effect necessary account adjustments according of the provisions of § 1951.711, forced liquidation action will be initiated as provided in paragraph (d)(1)(i) of this section.

(iii) When forced liquidation would be initiated, except that the loan is being handled in accordance with paragraph (d)(1)(i)(A) or (d)(1)(i)(B) of this section, continuation with the loan on existing terms may be provided.

(iv) If the debt is not otherwise resolved, Rural Development will take appropriate debt collection actions in accordance with 7 CFR Part 3, subparts B and C, and the Federal Claims Collection Standards at 31 CFR Chapter IX, Parts 900–904.

(2) Grantee, inactive borrower, or active borrower with unsecured loan (such as collection-only, or unsatisfied balance after liquidation). Rural Development may pursue all reasonable legal remedies.