U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 275.6 - Management units.

(a) Establishment of management units. For the purpose of ME reviews, State agencies may, subject to FNS approval, establish “management units” which are different from project areas designated by FNS for participation in the program. For example, State-established welfare districts, regions or other administrative structures within a State may be so designated. Management units can be designated as either large, medium, or small for purposes of frequency of review. However, establishment of management units solely for the purpose of reducing the frequency of review will not be approved by FNS.

(b) FNS approval of management units. State agencies shall submit requests for establishment of management units to FNS, which shall have final authority for approval of such units as well as any changes in those previously approved by FNS.

(1) The following minimum criteria must be met prior to requesting FNS approval:

(i) The proposed management unit must correspond with existing State-established welfare districts, regions, or other administrative structures; and

(ii) The unit must have supervisory control over SNAP operations within that geographic area and have authority for implementation of corrective action.

(2) In submitting the request for FNS approval, the State agency shall include the following information regarding the proposed management unit:

(i) That the proposed management unit meets the minimum criteria described in paragraphs (b)(1) (i) and (ii) of this section;

(ii) Geographic coverage, including the names of the counties/project areas within the unit and the identification (district or region number) and location (city) of the office which has supervisory control over the management unit;

(iii) SNAP participation, including the number of persons and number of households;

(iv) The number of certification offices;

(v) The number of issuance units;

(vi) The dollar value of allotments issued as reflected in the most recent available data; and

(vii) Any other relevant information.

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