U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 07, 2022

§ 4290.1920 - RBIC's application for exemption from a regulation in this part 4290.

(a) General. You may file an application in writing with the Agency to have a proposed action exempted from any procedural or substantive requirement, restriction, or prohibition to which it is subject under this part, unless the provision is mandated by the Act. The Agency may grant an exemption for such applicant, conditionally or unconditionally, provided the exemption would not be contrary to the purposes of the Act.

(b) Contents of application. Your application must be accompanied by supporting evidence that demonstrates to the Agency's satisfaction that:

(1) The proposed action is fair and equitable; and

(2) The exemption requested is reasonably calculated to advance the best interests of the RBIC program in a manner consistent with the policy objectives of the Act and the regulations in this part.