U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 4290.390 - Licensing as a RBIC.

(a) Eligibility criteria for licensing as a RBIC. Each selected Applicant must meet the following conditions before it is eligible to be licensed as a RBIC:

(1) Raise the specific amount of Regulatory Capital that the Applicant had projected in its application that it would raise (see § 4290.210 for additional information).

(2) Raise $500,000 in Leverageable Capital as required by § 4290.210;

(3) Complete and submit to the Agency all legal and other documentation concerning the RBIC, including but not limited to its Articles and updated financial information concerning the RBIC in order to qualify for a Leverage commitment; and

(4) Enter into a Participation Agreement with the Agency.

(b) Licensing as a RBIC. If the selected Applicant has satisfactorily met all the conditions specified in paragraph (a) of this section, as determined within the sole discretion of the Agency, then the Administrator of RBS and the Administrator on behalf of SBA will license the Applicant as a RBIC.

(c) Failure to meet eligibility criteria for licensing. Each selected Applicant that does not meet the eligibility criteria for licensing described in paragraph (a) of this section, within a time period specified by the Agency, will not be licensed as a RBIC. Failure to meet any of those conditions, including but not limited to failure to raise the projected Regulatory Capital within the required time period, will cause the Applicant's selection to lapse. The Agency will not restore the selection of such an Applicant after the expiration of that time period. After the expiration of that time period, an Applicant that is not licensed as a RBIC must cease to represent itself as a participant or potential participant in the RBIC program.

(d) Effect of a RBIC license. The Participation Agreement executed by the Agency with each Applicant licensed as a RBIC will include the following:

(1) Approval to operate as a RBIC under the Act;

(2) A commitment of Leverage; and

(3) An Operational Assistance grant award.

[69 FR 32204, June 8, 2004, as amended at 77 FR 4885, Feb. 1, 2012; 85 FR 16523, Mar. 24, 2020]